Help GNOME Fight for Free Software Movement

The GNOME foundation is raising funds to fight against a patent troll and invalidate their patent. They could simply pay the money that patent troll asked for, but they’re fighting to stop these trolls. This is not only about GNOME or paying money, it’s about how we should stand against such bullies and trolls. Free Software/Culture Movement was an easy target for patent trolls before; but now, with what GNOME aims to do, it can be ended.

If you can, please donate (even small amount) to the GNOME foundation. To support their work and to support their action against patent trolls. You can read more on the GNOME website or go directly to the funding page.

Turkish Fenerbahce S.K. Football Players Support Turkish Army

Fenerbahce players wore t-shirts with a picture of a soldier on it giving military salute. At the bottom of the t-shirts, there were a text saying “Homeland Is Grateful to You”. It’s hard to believe that these t-shirts are not related to situation of Turkeys neighbor country, Syria, and the Turkey’s military action against innocent Kurds. Wearing these t-shirts was among other things the Turkish national players to salute before their European championship qualifier against Albania.

Turkish troops launched earlier in October, a military offensive against Kurdish rebels in Syria, which immediately got the international community to condemn the Turks’ actions. Turkey’s military is responsible for death of thousands of innocent Kurds. International peacekeeping organizations are complaining about Turks’ interventions and crimes.

Turkish Fenerbahce S.K. Football Players Waer T-Shirts to Support Turkish Army

New York Times Blocks Browser Private Mode

New York Times website won’t let you read articles when your browser is in incognito/private mode. Users of Tor browser and people who use the incognito mode in their browser are forced to create an account on New York Times to be able to continue reading articles. This is an example of how companies are violating people’s right to be anonymous and private. Please avoid creating accounts (whether they’re free or premium) on NYT. They also run non-free JavaScript on their website.

Previously was doing such thing. They disabled their articles for users in incognito mode and forced users to purchase a subscription on their website. Some websites limit the number of articles people can read without a subscription. I think that’s acceptable as long as websites don’t collect personal information, including but not limited to IP addresses.

If you have same experience about any other website with such practices, please send me an email message (PGP Key).

Stop Helping Google’s Mass Surveillance

Lots of websites are using Google services (such as Google Analytics) and at the same time they’re complaining about being victim of mass surveillance. One of the ways of fighting this massive surveillance is to stop using services provided by these data-hungry companies. Mass surveillance won’t be possible if we don’t give data and information to these companies.

We should start this fight with ourselves. Almost every website I visit is using at least one service that disrespects users’ privacy. This is absolutely not acceptable in any way. Some of them remind people that we can use privacy plugins. It’s not an acceptable excuse. You shouldn’t provide data to these companies just because we can use plugins. Privacy should be priority; not just an option.

Fixes Before Publishing

I really should read the notes I write before publishing them. Most of the times there’s a lot of typos and wrong statements in my notes and I find them after publishing my notes. This post would be a good reminder for me to first read my notes and fix the typos and sentences and then publishing them. I’m really getting tired of regenerating pages and publishing them again and again.

GNU or Linux? Which One Is the OS?

Lot of people call the GNU/Linux operating system, Linux. While most of the work is done by the GNU project and the operating system we sue is the GNU operating system, most people even never heard of it. Most of the times I explain to people differences between GNU operating system and the Linux kernel. A Kernel is the central part of an operating system. It manages the operations of the computer and the hardware, most notably memory and CPU time. Kernel is highly important in operating systems but it’s not the operating system itself.

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7-Eleven Fuel App Data Breach Exposes Users’ Personal Details

The popular petrol-buying app run by 7-Eleven has suffered a data breach that allowed customers to view the names, email addresses, mobile numbers and dates of birth of other users. The 7-Eleven fuel app, which the company said this week has been downloaded two million times, was taken offline for a matter of hours on Thursday after a customer alerted the company to the fact that he was able to access the personal information of several other customers via the app.

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BBC Via Tor

The BBC has made its international news website available via the Tor network, in a bid to thwart censorship attempts. Countries including China, Iran, and Vietnam are among those who have tried to block access to the BBC News website or programs. Instead of visiting, users of the Tor browser can visit the new bbcnewsv2vjtpsuy.onion web address.

You should note that using Tor browser or visiting onion addresses are not enough to protect yourself and your privacy practices are more important than tools you use. Careful about what information you provide and how you use the service. Also, plugins (add-ons) can reveal your real IP address too so be careful what plugins you install on your Tor browser.