Secure Messengers

Recently, a lot of people are talking about secure messengers like Signal. I, personally, like Signal messenger. The idea is very great and this is what we need as our primary daily communication tool, if we set encrypted email aside. But the thing is having a mobile phone with cellular data or Wi-Fi on is dangerous for our privacy.

Carrying a mobile phone with ourselves can lead to us being identifiable. Our mobile phones, specially smart phones, can actively spy on us. However, if you need your smart phone, I suggest to switch to messengers like Signal.

Google Is Working on a Secret Project to Collect Personal Health Data on Millions of Americans

Google is reportedly partnering with Ascension, the second-largest health care system in the U.S., to collect health data on millions of Americans, according to people familiar with the matter. The partnership with Ascension to collect health data is part of a secret project by the tech giant called “Project Nightingale,” The Wall Street Journal reported citing those familiar with the project.

“As the health-care environment continues to rapidly evolve, we must transform to better meet the needs and expectations of those we serve”, Ascension Executive Vice President of Strategy and Innovations Eduardo Conrado said in a statement.

Facebook Is Accessing iPhone Camera Without Authorization

Joshua Maddux, a twitter user, tweeted about the Facebook app using iPhone’s camera without authorization continuously while the app is open. He mentioned in his tweet that when the app is open it actively uses the camera.

“I found a bug in the app that lets you see the camera open behind your feed. Note that I had the camera pointed at the carpet.” he said pointing at the video he uploaded in his tweet.

He also mention that he has been able to confirm this across 5 different iPhones all running iOS version 13.2.2. He also told his followers that iPhones running iOS 12 don’t show the camera (not to say that it’s not being used).

Lying to Yourself

Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love. Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Catholic Priest Arrested After Abusing 11-Year-Old Girl

A Catholic priest in Italy has been arrested after an 11-year-old girl used her phone to record herself being sexually abused. Michele Mottola is accused of sexually abusing the girl in Trentola Ducenta, near Naples. In the disturbing recording, the priest can be asking the young girl to kiss and hug him amid the sound of her protesting.

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What Privacy Is About

Edward Snowden says privacy isn’t about something to hide. Privacy is about something to protect. That’s who you are. That’s what you believe in, that’s who you want to become. Privacy is the right to the self. Privacy is what gives you the ability to share with the world who you are, on your own terms, for them to understand what you’re trying to be.

And to protect for yourself the parts of you that you’re not sure about, that you’re still experimenting with. If we don’t have privacy, what we’re losing is the ability to make mistakes. We’re losing the ability to be ourselves. Privacy is the fountainhead of all other rights. Freedom of speech doesn’t have a lot of meaning if you can’t have a quiet space to decide what it is that you actually wanna say.

Freedom of religion doesn’t mean that if you can’t figure out what you actually believe without being influenced by the criticisms and sort of outside direction and peer pressure of others. And it goes on and on and on. But privacy is baked into our language, our core concepts of government and self in every way without privacy, you won’t have anything for yourself. So when people say that to me, I say back arguing that you don’t have privacy because you have nothing to hide is like arguing that you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.

DNA Profiles Privacy

Privacy experts say a warrant granted in Florida could set a precedent, opening up all consumer DNA sites to law enforcement agencies across the country. New York Times reported that last week a Florida detective announced at a police convention that he had obtained a warrant to penetrate GEDmatch and search its full database of nearly one million users. Legal experts said that this appeared to be the first time a judge had approved such a warrant, and that the development could have profound implications for genetic privacy.

Erin Murphy, a law professor at New York University says “The company made a decision to keep law enforcement out, and that’s been overridden by a court. It’s a signal that no genetic information can be safe”.

DNA policy experts said the development was likely to encourage other agencies to request similar search warrants from 23andMe, which has 10 million users, and, which has 15 million. If that comes to pass, the Florida judge’s decision will affect not only the users of these sites but huge swaths of the population, including those who have never taken a DNA test. That’s because this emerging forensic technique makes it possible to identify a DNA profile even through distant family relationships.