Uber Fighting over Privacy

In an bizarre and ironic reversal, Los Angeles (California) demands Uber provide data about the movements of its cars and scooters, and Uber refuses to hand it over, claiming to protect customers’ privacy. The irony is that Uber is entirely right about this narrow issue — but the issue only exists because of Uber’s abusive […]

Google Acquired Fitbit

The Google’s $2.1 billion acquisition of Fitbit raises questions about data privacy and antitrust. Fitbit has been collecting health data from users for years and now that Google bought it, Google has access to an unlimited amount of data from users and their possible accurate health situation. This is another reason for people to stop […]

Humans and Environment

Greta Thunberg, a Swedish teen who started a global climate protest, now is so popular for her actions and her speech in United Nations headquarter. She is continuously working to save the planet asking countries and organizations to stop their activities and works that can result in polluting the environment. Lots of people are now […]

On Hacking

Sometimes I get asked if I’m a hacker. I always respond yes, but not a hacker you may think. However I sometimes check systems vulnerabilities, I don’t infiltrate people’s computers. I surely am a hacker. I find ways to do stuff. For example, this blog is created using simple HTML and CSS codes I’ve been […]

Privacy of Patients

Some of so-called smart devices such as Amazon assistant Alexa can listen to and record conversations. If you visit a doctor, whether it’s a viral disease or not, please check if that doctor uses a smart device with ability of recording things. Amazon’s Alexa, smart TVs, Google Home, Apple’s Siri, and etc. are some examples […]

Myths About VPNs

There’s a lof myths and wrong advertisements about VPNs. Lots of people believe VPNs make you private or completely safe. It’s not completely true. Most VPNs are designed to just hide your identity for some people or organizations, and your internet service provider. Not all of VPN providers’ claims are true.