New Kali [GNU/]Linux Is Released

The new Kali [GNU/]Linux is released with an amazing feature named Undercover. For many hackers, being spotted with the dragon background of the distribution was a problem. Many hackers like to work in public places like cafes etc. but there was a risk of being spotted by people who are also familiar with the distro.

Offensive Security now released the Undercover feature for this problem. By activating this feature, your UI will look like a Windows 10 OS and it reduces the risk of being spotted or caught.

Of course, changing the UI is not enough for you safety but it’ll help for sure.
The new Kali has some other updates like:

  • Default XFCE user interface for better user experience.
  • Powershell support. Now you can run Powershell scripts natively.
  • Kali docs are now moved to /docs and now they’re on git, so they can be updated easily.

The Raspberry Pie kernel is also updated to 4.19.81 and requires a fast SD with at least 8 GB capacity.