Humans and Environment

Greta Thunberg, a Swedish teen who started a global climate protest, now is so popular for her actions and her speech in United Nations headquarter. She is continuously working to save the planet asking countries and organizations to stop their activities and works that can result in polluting the environment.

Lots of people are now fighting for future of the planet and protesting against governments and organizations to stop them. I believe there’s nothing wrong with the planet. Planet is fine and it works. This protests are just an excuse for how we live. It’s not the planet that has a problem but it’s the people. We can’t interference with the process of nature and be annoyed that planet is getting bad and worse.

It’ not the planet that needs a fixing. It’s people. We can’t continue killing animals and go hunting and be sorry that animals are going to extinct at the same time. We should choose. We should accept the fact that we should not change the places we live in. You can’t drive your car to every place you visit and expect to save the planet only because your car burns less fuel than others.

You can’t wear your jacket made of leopard skin and feel sorry for endangered species. You just can’t. We need to accept the facts. Human kind is dangerous for planet. It’s whether us or the planet. People won’t accept to leave their technology and live like mobile phones never existed. It won’t happen. Every piece of tech we use is made of things and resources on this planet and taking them will cause harm to nature.

It’s not that we should not use metal or other resources or ride camels. It’s OK if use the resources. It’s just not OK to reproduce human kind and increase population. Using the earth’s resources is fine for 1 billion people maybe but for 10 billion? No. There will be near 10 billion people on earth with current population trend and world just can’t have this much.

Get ready for extinction, in a bad way, humans.